I have used a 3D-generated computer model to build an ideal house that symbolizes what poor families imagine nice houses to be. Everything inside of the house is clean and modern, but what is happening to the people inside the house is dramatic. The feelings of poor people towards wealthy people can be complex. On the one hand, it is natural for people to want to have a decent life. On the other hand, poor people can be jealous and justifiably feel that unfair rich people have better lives than their own.

The figures in the room express a narrative through their bodies. Although we could change a little bit of our bodies in different ways, most times we are born or biologically modeled with the shape of what we look like. However, our society has a standard of what an ideal body should be which causes an unseen pressure to those people who don’t have a society perfect body. Thus, I used extreme dramatic scenes in my work to entice and excite people into considering these social issues.


-Lighter and Lighter
-Body Container
-Running Heart Beat
-The March
-Sanzu River Flower
-Another Me
-Love to Death
-Balloon Life
-21st Century Folktales
-Trippy Cat
-Dream Life of A Ferry
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Before 2018
Before 2018